CBOR Committees

CBOR provides several ways for members to become involved. Whether you’re interested in a short term commitment or something more long-term there are many different avenues for you to choose from. Click on the Committee Names below to learn more about how you can get involved with CBOR!

  • Forms
    – Ensure the legal forms used by members in real estate transactions are current and available.
    – Make recommendations to the Board regarding changes or additional forms as needed.
  • Government Affairs
    – Monitor and report to the Board political and legislative activities on the local, state and national level; and to recommend policy to the Board regarding same.
    – Develop and maintain a network of persons who subscribe to the REALTOR® ideals.
    – Attend MR’s Capitol Conference in Jefferson City and encourage other CBOR members to participate.
  • Orientation
    – Provide new members an overall view of the REALTOR® Association and services available.
    – Develop course materials and well versed instructors.
    – Continually monitor classes and course materials, revise as needed.
  • Professional Standards
    – Encourage and foster an environment of professionalism amongst REALTORS® and promote adherence to the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics.
  • Special Events
    – Provide periodic networking opportunities and coordinate special events for REALTORS® and Affiliate Members
    – Organize CBOR Annual Golf Tournament
    – Organize Affiliate Appreciation Event
    – Organize CBOR Annual Bowling Tournament
    – Organize CBOR Happy Hour Events
  • RPAC
    – Raise funds for RPAC and educate membership of its purpose and their responsibility to RPAC.
    – Recommend to the Board of Directors disbursement of funds for candidates and local issues.
    – Encourage CBOR members to support political candidates of their choice and become actively involved with persons seeking political office.
    – Attend MR’s Capitol Conference in Jefferson City and encourage other CBOR members to attend.
  • REALTOR® Image
    – Promote participation in those projects adopted by CBOR and to maintain and publicize a positive REALTOR® Image in the community.
    – Recommend advertising opportunities for promotion of Board media.
  • Young Professionals Network (YPN)
    – YPN is a member-driven organization that helps young real estate professionals excel in their careers by giving them the tools and encouragement to become involved in four core areas (REALTOR® Associations, Real Estate Industry, Peers and Community).
    – Plan at least four (4) events per year (i.e. networking events, meetings, education sessions, community assistance).

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