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The cbormls.com website is a useful tool for our membership, as well as the public.

www.cbormls.com offers a wide array of information, including but not limited to:


As a member, you will have access into the “Member Login” section of this website. To access this portal for members-only, please click here. Once you join CBOR, you will be given a username and password to access this portion of the site. The Member Login section contains helpful Flexmls video tutorials, Supra video tutorials, links to Boone/Callaway/Cole County Assessor’s sites, links to MR, NAR, RPR, and so much more!

CBOR Staff is working to open an access portal to pay for annual dues and register for events, so please be looking for that at a later date.

We encourage you to inform your clients about the Statistics and For the Public tabs on the website.