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A significant role of the Missouri REALTORS® is to advocate for positive real estate legislation and to prevent laws and regulations that have a negative impact on your bottom line.
The State association aims to ensure private property rights protecting home owners, consumer and REALTORS®.



  • Missouri REALTOR® Party
    The Missouri REALTOR® Party is the voice for real estate in Missouri, working to protect REALTORS®, their business and the American Dream of home ownership.
    When legislation is proposed that will have an impact on the real estate industry, we are there to speak for you, the REALTOR®. Our goal is to encourage home ownership values, support small business and foster a vibrant real estate sector.
    To help support the REALTOR® Party, please click here.
  • Advocacy Regions
    In collaboration with Local Boards/Associations, MR focuses its advocacy efforts into three regions across the state (Central, Western, and Eastern Regions). Find your region and connect with your Regional Advocacy Coordinator by clicking here.
  • Legislative Updates
    Sam Licklider, MR’s Chief Lobbyist, posts Legislative Updates frequently to the MR website. To access these important and informational updates, please click here to login with your member credentials.