REALTOR®LOVE celebrates the generosity and many ways CBOR members give back to their community.

CBOR is rolling out REALTOR® LOVE, a community outreach campaign to highlight what our members do for their local communities each and every day.

How can you participate?

  • When you observe or demonstrate an act of REALTOR® LOVE, please share and tag the Columbia Board of REALTORS® on your social media and use the hashtag #REALTORLOVE
  • You’ll be able to download the copyrighted REALTOR® LOVE logo below for use with your marketing efforts
  • Send the CBOR staff your photos and videos so we can create a collective video to share CBOR REALTOR® LOVE with the world!

Logo Use Requirements

1. Entire contents of “REALTOR®LOVE-WE CARE-COLUMBIA BOARD OF REALTORS®” must be retained for proper logo use.

2. No text nor objects may overlap any part of the “REALTOR®LOVE-WE CARE-COLUMBIA BOARD OF REALTORS®” logo. There must be a reasonable area of isolation (i.e. clear space) surrounding the “REALTOR®LOVE-WE CARE-COLUMBIA BOARD OF REALTORS®” logo contents.

Logo Size

If you need to make the logo smaller than the minimum, ensure that the elements of the logo—the “REALTOR®LOVE-WE CARE-COLUMBIA BOARD OF REALTORS®”—remain readable and maintain the same relative proportions and spacing.




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