Joel Radman Award Winners

Joel Radman began his real estate career in December,1974, at the age of 23. In his second year in the
business he became a member of the Million Dollar Club and sold more than a million dollars every year
thereafter. During his 17 years in the real estate business he sold/participated in over$100,000,000 worth
of sales.

Joel ascended to the top in a short period of time. He was President of the Columbia Board of REALTORS®
and earned the designations of GRI and CRS. Nationally he was selected by Howard Brinton as part of his
Star of the Month Club and was also selected by Bill Barrett to participate in his Day with the Superstars.
Joel made a major contribution to the real estate industry in mid-Missouri and was particularly generous
with his time and advice to the new REALTOR® members. It was his integrity,honesty, and caring attitude
toward all people that made Joel unique. His untimely death came at the peak of his real estate career at
the age of 40.

The Joel Radman Award is intended to be an aspiration for all new REALTOR® members.
The award will be presented to the most qualified candidate based on these categories:

  • Professionalism/Ethics
  • Achievement
  • Participation
  • Education
  • Creative Marketing
    2018 Stephanie Baehman
    2017 Josh Dubbert 2003 Audrey Spieler
    2016 Alex Radman 2002 Larry Joe Wayland
    2015 Jason Gavan 2001 Donna Neil
    2014 Chris Martin 2000 Sharon Bennett
    2013 Jennifer Dick 1999 Gerry Blaise
    2011 Karla Wilcoxson 1998 John Rawlings
    2009 Andy Boyles 1997 Kenny Hubble
    2008 Jessica Kempf 1996 Jerry W. Stone
    2007 Sean Moore 1995 Pat Jones
    2006 Emily Thrasher 1994 Patty Alfermann
    2005 Trisha Lee 1993 John Gage
    2004 Dave Miller 1992 Glen Strothmann